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Business Uptick

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

A bit of antiques world gossip–it seems that a genuine uptick in business is moving through the arts, fine clothing, jewelry and antiques businesses throughout the Triangle–a trend that has been underway for about six weeks. Readers who follow our website have probably noticed this from the “sold” markers popping up daily on the site. One of the major art galleries in Raleigh reports the same trend, as have several friends with fine clothing businesses. Hopefully this is a trend with national spread–will report after our first show in Hinsdale, Illinois next week when we will see dealers from across the Eastern half of the country, some of whom kicked off their show season this past weekend with the big Baltimore show. While 600 dealer commercial shows such as Baltimore are not our thing, they can certainly be a good barometer of the business world!  We consigned a variety of items to dealers at the show–with good success.  Several of our things are heading back across the Atlantic to their countries of origin!

Let me know what you are hearing and seeing in the business world.

Chinoiserie Chairs

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

At the request of a reader, please note the pair of  Chinoiserie.chairs are currently for sale at Whitehall, code on our website is WC-1011Z and they are priced at $900.00 the pair.