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Report from England and France

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Great merchandise is finally flowing again in both Paris and throughout the UK–Elizabeth and I have just returned from one of our most remarkable buying trips ever!  Customers will be delighted by both the quality and the reasonable prices as the antique prices seem to continually drop as the value of the dollar drops, allowing us to maintain our reasonable prices.  Once again it is true that one can buy good to very fine antiques for LESS than the price of reproductions and just ordinary new stuff.  Why buy at Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn when you can have what they are copying–for LESS!

For my first twenty years in business this was always true.  When someone would ask even about an antique I had not seen:  Should I buy it at this price, what if its not perfect?  I would answer:  You are quoting a price that is less than the same piece at Sears–how can you go wrong?  In ten years the Sears piece will go to Goodwill and the antique will be valuable!  Those days have come again!