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Summer Buying Trip

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Elizabeth and David leave for England and France on July 8th and return July 19th (David’s 62 birthday spent on an airplane).  Let us know of any special needs and watch your mailboxes for the unveiling in August!!!!!!!!!

Additionally in August we will celebrate North Carolina Collects with the sale of some remarkable private collections filled with great English and American furniture, pottery including a vast collection of the work of Ben Owen made between 1945 and 1955 (each piece a gift from Juliana Busbee to her cousin), Tobacco Leaf porcelains from both 18th century China and early 19th century England, smart antique Chinese lacquered furniture, fireplace equipment–loads and loads of great antiques lovingly collected for generations by North Carolina families.  This will we expect open simultaneously with the arrival of the fruits of our buying trip to England and France.

Silver Wedding Gifts

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Today at the shop was great fun–wrapping sterling wedding gifts for three upcoming Big Days.  What was lovely was a groomsman in each wedding buying a sterling silver water pitcher, a pair of wonderful goblets and a gravy boat on stand–all practical gifts with a touch of elegance.  Better yet, he had done his research and knew that Gorham offers the pitcher, for instance, for over $2,500, while we were selling it for $650!  His friends will truly think of his thoughtfulness for the rest of their lives–and hopefully hand these beautiful pieces with treasured memories on to their children and grandchildren.  And so GREEN a gift–each nearly 100 years old and requiring no more use of resources–just the perfect example of recycling at its best!