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Whitehall Summer Seminar

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

We are excited that the entire 6 days of the 32nd Annual Whitehall Summer Seminar are set!

The first two days, July 22 & 23, are devoted to the study of antique silver, Advanced Silver Analysis taught by the astute Peter Tinkler, one of America’s leading dealers and silver experts and assisted by his deeply respected father Rod, the founder of the business 40 years ago.  Peter has a wry humor and a true genius for the presentation of complex topics ranging from the difficulties of Old Sheffield Plate to the unmasking of altered pieces (estimates suggest that over 70% of the antique English silver found in America is flawed, often seriously).

The next two days are taught by me and Elizabeth, American Federal Furniture and Its English Antecedents, including a day of lectures and a day examining the brilliant Federal collection of Richard Jenrette at Ayr Mount Plantation (literally turning the pieces upside down and inside out examining their construction, wood choices, design, etc.).

The final two days bring back after a long hiatus–and by loud  popular demand– Dr. Doug Lay “laying out” the intricacies of oriental carpets, both old and the frightening modern copies of the last 20 years!  Doug is a teacher of unparalleled ability and you will learn to recognize all of the types of rug construction, the types of knots identifying styles and regions, identification of the principal city and nomadic rug types (its the back that tells the story–not the pretty top!).  The first day is lecture with hands on, the second day in The Persian Carpet Oriental Rug Gallery is primarily hands on with identification tests and challenges.

Details and registration will be on the website under Education shortly.  Mailings will be in a few weeks to past participants.

Nashville Beauty

Monday, February 13th, 2012

The entrance garden to this year’s Nashville Antiques and Garden Show was truly spectacular with thousands of spring flowers, incredible water and stone work, even floating human forms of growing grass!

Entry Garden, Nashville 2012

We were excited by our own booth and we had a fine show with the opportunity to see collectors from all over the nation.  Happily the show was successful for nearly every dealer, including us.  Here are a few shots of our booth.


Main Show Entrance and Whitehall Booth

Economic Upswing

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Whitehall Booth, Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta

The Cathedral Antiques Show was a huge success last week–a dramatic turnaround from the prior year.  Nearly every dealer had a strong show.  Perhaps the cascade of general good news is helping:  Stock Market off to the strongest annual start in 25 years;  real estate bottoming out and sales picking up dramatically;  unemployment dropping slowly but steadily.  So let’s be very very hopeful!

We also heard from friends that the Heart of Country show in Nashville was stunningly successful–again a major upswing from what I saw visiting the show while lecturing last year.

The fabulous Nashville Antiques and Garden Show–the largest in the South–opens this Wednesday and the array of great speakers and brilliant gardens promises large crowds.  The dealer list for the show is impressive despite some competition from a couple of Florida shows.

Check their website by hitting the link from the Whitehall website and also visit the plans for Thomasville, Georgia, Alexandria, Virginia and Lexington, Kentucky in a cascade of shows in February and March.

We hope to see you at one of these exciting shows that benefit wonderful charities!