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Joyful thoughts from High Point

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Tonight’s party ended with a touch of sentimental singing and dancing to Blue Grass featuring one dear dealer fighting cancer singing Will The Circle Be Unbroken and the show’s founder two-steppin’, whoopin’ and a hollerin’!

Louise singing

Karen Lusanna on left whooping it up!

High Point Presentation–Now to October 18th at noon

Friday, October 12th, 2012

The High Point Furniture is now open and the Antique and design Center is bustling!

Here are photos of our booth at the end of set-up!  Hope you enjoy.

Entering our display

Right side entering our space

center area

George III Sideboard

left corner view

left corner

back center to right corner

back center area

modernism section

right center wwll

The Three rarest Objects in the entire market!

The salesman’s samples are simply the rarest objects in the High Point Show this season–not the most expensive, but the rarest and most intriguing.

High Point Market Educational Lectures this Saturday!

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012


Art, Jewelry and Antiques–Birmingham 2012

Friday, October 5th, 2012

As many old shows struggle to remain relevant in a world of evolving taste and design, Birmingham, Alabama has introduced an intriguing mix in its stunning venue in the Botanical Gardens (the beneficiary of the show).  Instead of 30 antiques dealers, there are twelve listed in the Antiques Category, five in the Jewelry Category, three in the Art Category, and ten various design themed vignettes.  Each design booth is large, a mix of old and new, a mix of fabrics and art and wall coverings with such themes as Beach House,  urban Pied-a-terre, Country Cottage, The Gallery, Rainbow Room, Mirrors Galore, Lamps Unlimited, etc–you get the idea.  If crowds are a judge of success, the opening night was simply staggering–probably double any prior year!  It was 4 hours of wall to wall young to middle aged couples with a few senior citizens for flavor!  Interest was high and buying was conspicuous.

Here is an array of shots giving the flavor of each category of the show–every part blends in with every other category except for the Jewelry Room.  Enjoy the stroll through the show and look for little identifying notes on the photos.

A Small Section of the Grand Entrance. Behind this a tent for 500 to dance into the wee hours.

Entry Display

Interior Gazebo with lobster pot sticker station at the back--delicious!!!!!!!

One of FIVE bars scattered strategically throughout the building and grounds

Whitehall Antiques--one view of a large L-shaped booth

Another view--country dining table sold during preview party

Beach House--across from the Whitehall Booth

John Dennison's Paintings Gallery accented by Whitehall Antiques pieces


Antique Clocks and Sporting Art in Davis-O'Reilly Antiques

Dana Kelly's fabulous antique rugs (from Lexington, KY)

Jo McDonough's fine antique prints, Atlanta (she is on the right)

Mirror mirror on the wall (in the baskets and on the floor), who's the fairest of them all?

Lamps for days! (or perhaps nights)--a themed vignette of light

Upstairs gallery--a bit of this and that of various ages

Grand Upstairs Gallery--both galleries reached by candlelit Italian piazza style stone staircase with 18th century tapestries

This gorgeous show with great antiques, fine art and intriguing design ideas runs 10-5 Friday and Saturday and 1-5 on Sunday.  Please join us!